The Faizi Group is a family-held business group with varied interests across Afghanistan such as in Herat, Kabul, and other parts.The group came into being in 2003 by establishing an animal & agricultural farm. Our animal and agricultural farms established on 2003 in Dasht-e-huoz located about 30 Km far from Herat city (north part) more than 1000,000$ investment with 140 hectare (1,400,000 m2) agricultural land as well as seven water well equipped with pump and machinery. Since then, it has ventured into other industries, and it is currently involved in:

  • Agricultural services, gardening services, horticulture services, and ranching service
  • Poultry & slaughterhouse
  • Security management, & training services
  • Construction and building materials
  • General Trade (Import and export of goods from other countries like China, Russian, EU, US)
  • Radio & Television
  • Saffron farm
  • Mellat recreational and restaurant complex
  • Jahad National Museum Of Afghanistan People

The group is deeply committed to providing its customers with quality products and services while ensuring that ethical business practices are followed. It strikes the perfect balance of entrepreneurial foresight and professional skills demanded by today’s competitive and dynamic business environment. The FAIZI-Group prides itself on its reliable products, services, and differentiated solutions offered under a single roof.



To be one of the best companies with most diversified products in fields of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, media, entertainment, and pomp station services.

Founder Message


Teachers of primary schools in Afghanistan are introducing Afghanistan as agricultural country to the children, where 80 percent of its people are farmers. Such books have been printed for the children 40 years ago. But more than 4 decades war in Afghanistan has showed a bad face from our country to the world. Now, our people are united to change this face and show an original picture of Afghanistan to the world. One of these properties is a valuable plant under the name of Saffron, which 80 percent people of the world aren’t aware of saffron virtues significance. Faizi Saffron company has paved the path to show the world this valuable Afghan product. Afghanistan Saffron has been known as the most organic saffron in the world, which has created lots of job opportunities for thousands of people that 80% of them are women. In addition, most farmers turn to saffron cultivation as alternative to poppies   and Opium that at least yearly kills thousands of the people in the world, I ask people of the world to get more familiar with this valuable and beautiful product of Afghanistan, support Afghanistan by investing and continue their support in next coming years as well.


Said Abdul Wahab Qattali

CEO of Faizi Group of Companies


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