Faizi-Group believes that we can have investments in our Companies by ensuring that every Customer/Staffs in Afghanistan has access to life’s most basic need A just Country without poverty and Equality for everyone Our vision is to leave a sustainable Afghanistan for future generations.


“Our mission at Faizi-Group is to provide each of our clients with the most effective ethical representation possible. “Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


To Present the Best valuable Products and variation services for our customer. To Increase customer satisfaction and Reduce customers’ hold time. To increase job opportunities for the people of Afghanistan. To Increase Staffs knowledge, capacity and incomes. To Raise our Group’s revenues and reduce overall budget. And to..

Brief Biograhy of Faizi Group President

Alhaj Sayed Abdul Wahab Qattali son of Alhaj Sayed Hamed Qattali was born in 1959 in Kabarzan village of 13043763_1088628777875417_1342818115189137138_nAnjil district of Herat province. He completed Primary School in that village, Secondary School in Amir Hussain School and high school in Sultan Ghyasuddin Ghori High School. His contribution in the fiel
ds of culture, social, economy, rehabilitation and reconstru
ction programs of Afghanistan are remarkable.

Construction of Manzare-Jihad, formation of Agriculture farm in Dashte-Hauz, construction of Melat entertainment complex in the neighborhood of Baghe-Mi
llet (Public Park) are few examples of his patriot services. Most artistic works on the construction of Manzare-Jihad are his own idea. In addition to the mentioned projects, he was cooperating with international companies during the construction of Herat-Kandahar Highway in term of providing security for international engineers and their properties (2004 – 2007). Furthermore he also contributed for the preliminary work on the construction of Herat – Ghazni Highway. When the construction of Herat-Kandahar Highway was accomplished his construction company (ERCC) was awarded the contract of O&M (Operation and Maintenance) with the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Work for three years (2007-2011). He created thousands of jobs for the people during the implementation of these projects.

What Our Clients Says?

  • General Consul of India
  • LBG
  • Supreme fuel

11169030_881018345278364_1441778492_nWe have the honor to acknowledge the kind services and operation extended to Consulate General of India by Mr. Sayed Abdul Wahab Qattali President of Faizi-Group, from time to time. Mr. Qattali has showered so much regards and compassion for me that will always remain in my memory. His continues cooperation for supply of diesel oil for Salma dam Project in difficult circumstances in highly admirable. We feel honored to issue this commendation for a true afghani friend like Mr. Sayed Abdul Wahab Qattali and look forward for his continued cooperation and wholeheartedness. We pray to almighty Allah for his well doing and sound health. We also with Mr. Qattali all the best for his future endeavors. Long live India-Afghanistan friendship and so does ours. Best Regard, (TARA CHAND) General Consul of India Located In Herat, Afghanistan.

11160085_881018341945031_898889136_nThis To certify that EBTAKAR ROA AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Faizi-Group BRACH for three years of dedicated and superb execution of operations and maintenance of the western Afghanistan road network under TO-14 in services to the people of Afghanistan. Best Regard William II.Haight III, PE in Position Chief of Party, IRP

 11092945_881018338611698_568576528_nElevate is a big team builder. When it comes to (Supreme), you can raise a trophy for leading the league in rushing.” “They understand my business and they are part of my team. We want you at the table and we value your input on how to address the real-life issues.” “I like the synergy between the quality and their rates, which are competitive.” “I would give the biggest accolade that I can give any vendor.